Art in Bio installment – Kate Vannelli, Georgie Puffer, Bronte Ellsworth, Tiffany Chen

This week for the blog, ICB wants to highlight people who are continuing to create in the midst of these trying times. The artists/scientists below are associated with our founding society SICB society members (TheSociety of Integrative and Comparative Biology) or follow our journal online. We appreciate their sharing their art and thoughts on how art and science intersect to help us to celebrate the beauty that persists.

Kate Vannelli

conservationist with the Living with Big Cats Initiative

@kvannelli89 on Twitter ,

Ocelot by Kate Vannelli

“I feel art and science are two perfectly matched disciplines. Science works to explain the wonders of the world, while art works to capture the beauty of these wonders. Art can capture the emotional elements of the natural world that science often misses, painting a much more complete picture of humans’ relationship with this planet, and increasing the feeling of interconnectedness that science often demonstrates. Science and art are perfectly complementary.”

Georgie Puffer

grad student with Piyumika Suriyampola, at Arizona State University

Zebrafish Larva by Georgie Puffer

Artistic representations of scientific ideas allow for science to reach a larger audience and become more accessible. It’s another medium for ideas to be expressed, making art very valuable to many fields of science. Both art and science require a great deal of creativity, and expression in one can help ideas flow in the other.

Bronte Ellsworth

grad student with Piyumika Suriyampola, at Arizona State University

@smudged_lines on Instagram

Diagrams and scientific models wouldn’t be able to work without the artistic touch. Realistic art wouldn’t work without the science of anatomy and physics.”

Tiffany Chen

University of California, Davis, Class of 2017 
Scientific Aid – California Department of Fish and Wildlife 

by Tiffany Chen

“I will speak of art and illustration as it relates to both my passion in Wushu(武術 Martial Arts in Chinese) and Biology. All three of these involve putting in Kung Fu(功夫), painstaking effort, to refine our skills, to serve a larger purpose and to self improve. I seek to increase my learning in all three to keep me happily grounded in the mundane tediousness of routine and repetitiveness found in scientific work and living in general. “

Visit SICB’s Fine Art America site

also for other great art by our journal followers and SICB members. The profit from any products you purchase goes back to SICB student funds.

phone case with art by Tosha Kelly

tote with photo by IOB author Nancy Staub

Author: suzannecrmiller

Author of Queen, Wage, The Selections on Amazon, Fly on site and soon to be Souvenir through @Inkdedingray publishing

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