A scientist’s playlist by ICB issue 2 author, Dr. Allison M. Luger

Allison and her mom after Allison’s PhD defense

For this installment of a Scientist’s Playlist, we asked Dr. Allison Luger to weigh in. Allison is one of the authors of issue 2’s,

Regional Patterning in Tail Vertebral Form and Function in Chameleons (Chamaeleo calyptratus) (from SICB 2021 s5)


Chameleons’ tails are tremendously useful as they navigate along and across branches. Allison Luger

Allison’s playlist of faves:

*science podcast:

It’s in Dutch, but the science bureau of the Dutch Green party here has a really interesting and informative science podcast called “Groene Gasten”


I also enjoy listening to NPR’s Radiolab, which usually covers a lot of interesting science.

*science publication : (book, article, magazine)


Pasha van Bijlert

Pasha (Twitter @PashavanBijlert) does some amazing tail biomechanics on T. rex and his name is missing on this symposium!

*Scientific documentary film– There’s this older French nature documentary called Microcosmos (1996) which has aged really well and I still enjoy re-watching from time to time.

*my scientist social media faves– 

On Twitter: 

@palaeokatie ‘s enthusiasm about rocks is inspiring, and she looks awesome. 

Also @tea_francis ‘ posts are helping me being less afraid of spiders.

further reading:


and connect with Allison on Twitter via


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