Integrative and Comparative Biology ( ICB ), formerly American Zoologist , is one of the most highly respected and cited journals in the field of biology. The journal’s primary focus is to integrate the varying disciplines in this broad field, while maintaining the highest scientific quality. ICB ’s peer-reviewed symposia provide first class syntheses of the top research in a field, perfect for classes or a quick update. ICB also publishes book reviews, reports, and special bulletins.

ICB is the official journal of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. On this blog, we highlight articles from current issues, and feature behind-the-scenes insights from article authors.

Integrative and Comparative Biology (ICB), welcomes solicitations for manuscripts. If you are interested in ICB considering your work for publication, please send your proposal to the Editor in Chief, Dr. Lynn ‘Marty’ Martin at lbmartin@usf.edu, ensuring you include the following information:

  1. A (tentative) title of your paper;
  2. A short synopsis of the planned paper or abstract of the completed work;
  3. For symposia or series of special topics papers, a list of authors, affiliations, and tentative titles
  4. A short justification for the fit of the proposal or manuscript to ICB
  5. Contact information for the lead author and/or series/symposium organizer(s)

For more information on publishing in ICB please view our Instructions to Authors.

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